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Hello - Pleased to meet you!

My interest in hypnosis started years ago and I love what I do - it is my passion and has become my life.  I was first drawn to this field because I was amazed at the power each and every person has in their own head to have the life they want - and the key to unlock this unlimited power is so very simple - yet so very elusive.   My goals have always centered on being an active, helpful, and caring member of society, and being a professional hypnotist has provided me the opportunity to be just that.  I can make a difference, and I take delight in discovering better ways to do the work that I do.  As a result - my education will never end.  The work I do stands on the shoulders of other inspiring hypnotists - both past and present.  My client centered approach is focused on what is GREAT about you rather than what is wrong with you.  Working together with you - we can get to that part of your mind that has been holding you back - to stop, change sides, and begin empowering you to take back control.  When needed, I will refer to other related professions or even other hypnotists, when I think that someone else may be a better match.  Hypnosis has benefitted countless people - helping them to overcome their challenges, and I am proud to be a member of this community.

I look forward to helping you to take back control of your life, and discover the power of your mind through the utilization of the inner forces that may be lying dormant within you. 

The world is a very busy, stressful, and demanding place.  Mindwell Hypnosis is here to guide you towards your best self in order to navigate it. 

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You are the only one who can unlock your true potential and hypnosis is the key.


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