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What are my clients are saying ?

The best!  Donna helped me quit smoking and vaping and even helped with my golf game!  If I could give her 10 stars I would.  Jon C.

I came to Donna to stop smoking. I am now a non smoker, I now feel stronger, more in control. I have more time to enjoy life, I have more money, and I am so happy to have found the real me! Thank you Donna! - Siobhan M.

I'm happy to recommend Donna for her professional approach that has changed my life around. I finally started a healthy lifestyle and now I maintain it easily. I stopped smoking, a bad habit that stuck for years. she helped me realize very fast that, I alone was in control of my choices. I feel amazing more active and less vulnerable to COVID now that I'm not smoking. On top of gaining time and hopefully longer life, I am saving my smoking money and will use it for a trip from my bucket list. Good luck to all and be strong to start your first step to recovery from smoking totally today. - Ophir R.

 I came to lose weight, and this actually worked!  It has been extremely successful, and I am very comfortable with recommending Donna to others.  Thank you for everything Donna!  - Toni P.


She was a great person to work with. I was able to change my thinking habits and realize I am fine, and that doing the hypnosis rewired my body. -Remy A.


Donna is so amazing in her techniques and she puts your fears at ease and helps you through the entire process. She is very personable and easy to talk to, she has such a great energy to her that you will feel so good when you leave there. She’s helped me with my habit and I am grateful. If you’re trying to quit and other things haven’t helped, give this a chance, you will not regret it!  Hope you all find success in your journey! - Nirali P.


I Have done almost everything until I completely accepted to follow through on true hypnosis. I found Donna through Yelp and I am so grateful I did. She has helped me tremendously. Her gentle and sweet approach to my situation was amazing! Don't hesitate. Be open minded and have her help you! Thank you Donna for everything that you do!! - Irish R.


I found hypnosis gave me specific tools and awareness of when to use those tools. - Emily P.


I found myself again! After my 4th session I really felt more secure with myself, and more optimistic. I love that she didn't want to take me back to the pain... she wanted me to see how happy I can be if I do my part. I now have confidence, and trust, and the love that she gives you is unique. I loved the experience, it was fabulous! Thank you Donna for all of your help! - Wilmaris S.


It is actually pretty remarkable...I feel at peace.. I used to live in a perpetual state of anxiety, but not anymore. It is like the chatter in my brain has quieted down in a good way. Thank you Donna. - Alex H.


My 9 year old son was terrified of dogs and it was becoming a huge problem for him and our family.  We had one session with Donna.  Today, a couple of weeks later, the school counselor was going to pull him out of class to meet the new therapy dog, but before she could, my son saw the dog in the hallway and just walked up to her and pet her all by himself!  I am so thrilled I could cry!  He would never, never, never, in 1 million years do that before seeing Donna!  He would literally run away, lock himself in a room, and hide until the dog was removed.  Thank you so much Donna! - Erica D.

I was very anxious, couldn't sleep and really needed someone to help me fast.  I am so glad that I found Donna.  She exceeded my expectations quickly and easily.  Thank you!  Dan N. 

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