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quote" asking for help isn't giving up" said the horse, "It's refusing to give up.

 just ask... 

 - Charlie Mackesy

       Dealing with the Negative 

Why do we allow little things to ruin a day?  Those little negative events that take over our thoughts and taint what otherwise would have been a great day.  Why?  We humans tend to learn from the negative information we gather.  Surprisingly, that "negative bias" is what has kept us safe and alive throughout history.  Our brains are hardwired to pay more attention to negativity for our very survival.  However, if not kept in check - it can be destructive to our health; physically and emotionally.  Understanding and being aware that we can get stuck in a negative loop is the 1st step to freedom!  We can train our brains to be more positive AND improve our health in the process. The next time you notice yourself getting caught in a negative loop - change your focus.  Look for the positive news (it is out there), go for a walk, listen to your favorite music... change the environment, and be mindful of the joyous moment of life that you are in - right now.....take a've got this..

There is beauty, love, and joy in most of our lives; we only need to identify it, focus on it, and cultivate it.  This will feed your heart and soul.  It is worth taking the moment to think about the things that brings you joy, and to make time for those things as often as you can.  That is how to deal with the negative that is competing for your energy and attention every day.

puppy and a kitten sharing the same space.

The very best gift you can ever give is something you can't buy - kindness.   In this crazy world we all live in, stop for a moment .... and be kind.    Merry Christmas.

quote- "Sometimes" said the horse. "Sometimes what?" asked the boy. "Sometimes just getting up and carrying on is brave and magnificent."


 - Charlie Mackesy 

       Christmas is almost here!


       A Special Gift... to yourself..

Imagine meeting the best version of your future self, and discovering how you got there.  Then applying that newly found knowledge to your life today... It would be like having your own personal "Treasure Map" to your life.


I can help you with that.

Christmas tree

    And so it starts.....

Two little girls looking at a scale.  One says to the other - "Don't step on makes you cry."

I love this time of the year!  But in the hustle and bustle of the season - we can sometimes get a bit overwhelmed. (I know... what an understatement!)   I Remember some wise words from a friend - When things feel crazy.  Stop - take 30 seconds, and be mindful of your breath.  Are you breathing? ...... awesome!  then it will all be ok - your still alive. 


Throw it out!

Weight loss should not be about what the scale says....  It is about how you feel - both physically and emotionally.  I find the scale just an annoying negative distraction from my goals.  I know when my clothes  are a little tight - that I need to take some action. (and that doesn't mean buying larger clothes - lol) The preference is sticking to positive reinforcement -like how great I felt , not just physically - but also about myself, after that walk around the block!  Positive builds on positive!

memo board with reminder sticky notes on it for all of the new year resolutions one may have.

       Take Charge of Your Life

A new year is about to start - which is a perfect time to plan for your future successes. Book your program now and leave those things that are holding you back where they belong - in the past!

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